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Review Symposia

Global Perspectives review symposia are composed of a series of contributions that focus on a particular book, set of books, or event such as a major conference or speech. Please find a complete list of review symposia below.

The journal’s editorial team welcomes proposals for review symposia and invites potential guest editors to review the review symposia guidelines.


Review Symposium on Dieter Rucht, Social Movements: A Theoretical Approach

2023, Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press. ISBN: 9780198877400

Review Symposium on Towards a New Enlightenment: The Case for a Future-Oriented Humanities

by Markus Gabriel, Christoph Horn, Anna Katsman, Wilhelm Krull, Anna Luisa Lippold, Corine Pelluchon, and Ingo Venzke. Bielefeld: transcript Verlag, 2022. (published simultaneously in both German and English)

Introduction by: Helmut K Anheier, Hertie School and UCLA

Review Symposium on Democracy

Review Symposium on Universities between Inter- and Renationalization

Guest Editors: Michael Hoelscher and Julia Schubert, University of Speyer

Review Symposium on The Oxford Handbook of Global Studies


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