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Open Access Options

Global Perspectives now allows open access publishing.

Publication Fees

Global Perspectives is a paid subscription journal and not a fully open access journal, but does offer authors the opportunity to publish open access in the journal. Payment of an article processing charge (APC) is required in order for an article to be published open access under a CC-BY license. The current APC rates for Global Perspectives are:

Research Articles: 1,950 USD
All other article types: 800 USD


Authors are asked upon submission if they would like to choose the open access publishing model for their article. If the author chooses the open access model they acknowledge that an APC fee is due prior to publication. UC Press has partnered with Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) to process author APC payments. Upon acceptance of a paper for publication the primary author, also known as the corresponding author, will receive an email with detailed instructions and a link to either pay the fee through CCC’s secure e-commerce system or generate an invoice, which can be used to pay by check, wire, or other means. Articles for which the open access option has been chosen upon submission will not be published until the APC has been paid. If payment is not made, authors will have an opportunity to have their article published behind the paywall upon completing a standard Global Perspectives author agreement.

Post-publication Open Access

Authors whose work has already been published in Global Perspectives have an opportunity to make their published articles open access by paying the APC post-publication. If you are a published Global Perspectives author who would like to make your work open access, please contact Managing Editor Liba Hladik at

APC Discounts and Waivers

University of California Press offers the following discount and waiver options for open access articles in Global Perspectives:

University of California fee waiver—Fees are currently waived for all faculty, staff, and students of the University of California system who are corresponding authors on papers published in Global Perspectives. The Editorial Committee of the Academic Senate has allocated funding specifically for this use. No other waivers are available for   authors.

Discount for authors from low and middle-income countries—Corresponding authors whose primary affiliations are eligible for the Research4Life program, Groups A & B, are currently automatically offered a 75% discount through CCC’s e-commerce system. This discount will be applied when an eligible author clicks the link to pay their fees or generate an invoice for payment.

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