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Global Epistemologies: Concepts, Methodologies, and Data Systems

Section Editor

Helmut K. Anheier 

Hertie School, Germany and
Luskin School of Public Policy, UCLA  

Global Epistemologies: Concepts, Methodologies, and Data Systems

Social science has not kept up with globalization. While the scale and scope of global interactions have increased exponentially, the unit of analysis for much of social science remains the national level. While the world is assuming a different shape, social scientists continue to study it using arguably outdated scholarly foci and approaches. More comprehensive analysis of the complex systems that form the backbone of increasingly interconnected and interdependent societies is needed. The Global Epistemologies: Concepts, Methodologies and Data Systems Section of Global Perspectives is open to all forms of methodology, qualitative and quantitative, and interested in new approaches to data and data systems, their collection, visualization, and reporting as well as in studies of transnational flows and transactions among organizations and institutional complexes, including noncontiguous geographical units such as cities, regions or geopolitical alliances.


Section Editorial Board

Chris Chase-Dunn, University of California Riverside, USA Nitsan Chorev, Brown University, USA
Victor Galaz, Stockholm University, Sweden Julian Go, University of Chicago, USA
Paul Larcey, University of Cambridge, UK Victoria Reyes, University of California Riverside, USA
Andrew Schrank, Brown University, USA Kristin Surak, SOAS University of London, UK


Call for Papers: Decolonization



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