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Global Change and Sustainability Transformations: Technology-Society Interface

Section Editor

Dirk Messner

United Nations University, 
German Institute of Development, Bonn, Germany

Global Change Sustainability Transformations: Technology-Society Interface

Digitalization, big data, artificial intelligence, autonomous technical systems, biotechnologies and nanotechnology will transform societies and economies profoundly—and in the context of climate change and environmental degradation. A cornerstone of global sustainability transformations is the reconfiguration of technology-societies interfaces in a changing global order: while the world is economically, technologically, and ecologically more integrated and interconnected, it seems to become socially, culturally, and politically more fragmented. The impact of technology on societies and the global order remains ill understood as new power structures and different forms of inequality are emerging, democracy and privacy are being challenged. What is more, whereas transferring the authority to make decisions to technical systems offers opportunities for problem-solving based on artificial intelligence, it also involves the risk of losing control over societal processes. The Global Change and Sustainability Transformations: Technology-Society Interface Section of Global Perspectives welcomes contributions that speak to these issues.

Section Editorial Board

Siddharth Mallavarapu, Shiv Nadar University, India Katherine Richardson, Natural History Museum of Denmark, Denmark
Nebojsa Nakicenovic, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Austria Heide Hackmann, International Science Council, France


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