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Ending Poverty—SDG 1

Call for papers on impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on outcomes related to Sustainable Development Goals 1 and 2 (ending poverty and hunger)


Section Editor

Harsha Thirumurthy, University of Pennsylvania, USA

There is substantial evidence that there is a strong bi-directional relationship between health and economic outcomes. This underscores the importance of the Sustainable Development Goal to end poverty in all its forms everywhere (SDG 1). Poverty and economic distress can make it harder for people to meet basic needs, increase their vulnerability to diseases, and prevent people from leading healthy, productive lives. Expanding our knowledge about effective economic and health policies to reduce poverty and economic vulnerability is an important priority for achieving SDG 1 targets. Improving our understanding of the impacts of various health, economic, environmental, and social crises in low- and middle-income countries -- and effective public and private sector responses to mitigate those impacts -- is another priority in this space. Finally, innovative approaches and methods to measuring and combating poverty and its impacts on health are essential as well.

The SDG 1 section of Advances in Global Health welcomes submissions on a broad range of topics that relate to health and economic development in low- and middle-income countries. Examples of topics include: (1) the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on poverty as well as various outcomes that have short- and long-term economic consequences such as education, investment behavior, and migration; (2) the design and impacts of social protection programs; (3) the role of new technologies and financial services in reducing poverty and improving health; (4) assessments of the economic returns to various health and economic interventions; and (5) methodological advances and innovative approaches to sustainably improving health and economic outcomes. We encourage submissions from researchers in various disciplines including economics, education, public health, public policy, and social policy.

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